Friday, October 28, 2011

Munk on Sabbatical

"Piss on the fire, call in the dogs, head it on back to Bowlegs."

Munk needs to focus less on blogging and more on noveling. This post, therefore, is the last you will see posted on my blog for what may be a very long time, years even.

Yes, of course I will miss your comments. And yes, of course I care. I will try to stop by your places from time to time, I promise. Please stop looking at me that way, yer breakin' my heart. I just can’t keep blogging right now guys, my family and work justifiably take the lion’s share of my time, and the truth is, Booker is in trouble—he needs me.
So, here’s the deal, should you wish to converse, and/or share critiques on queries or manuscripts, email me at I would love to hear from you. For any new visitors… here are a few popular bygone posts…
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If anyone asks, tell them I’m writing.

Munk’s opening line…
By turning the page, he had turned on the world.
Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk

Music: The Nerny-Nerny-Nert-Band: Bowlegs
Munk out.