Thursday, August 11, 2011

Limits. Find Yours.

The scariest movie I ever saw.
The scariest movie I ever saw, was a made for television film chronicling the real-life homicide investigation of Sam Sheppard, a neurosurgeon on trial for the murder of his pregnant wife. He claimed a bushy-haired intruder had entered their home and done the killing. It was a brutal act. A blunt instrument was employed to violently pulverize the woman’s skull and spatter her brains on every wall of her bedroom.
From my memory, it wasn’t an exceptionally well done film, though I could hardly be the judge. I was eleven. I’d snuck out of bed and was hunched on the stairs, peering through the stair rails at the shimmering cathode ray tube in the far corner of our sunken family room. The backs of my parent’s unknowing heads were silhouetted against the television’s flickering light. The carpet was shag. The rails wrought iron.

I worried for the doctor, I worried for the intruder, I worried that my parents would turn and catch me watching. But what worried me the most had nothing to do with declared innocence or guilt. What worried me the most was that just like me, someone had fallen prey to an urge to do wrong, and wrong they had done.

Which movie scared you the most?

Munk's Opening line...
"Pam was hardly a name suitable for a murderer, so I changed it."
Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk

This week's music... Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around.  

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