Sunday, March 20, 2011

Metaphies and Analogors

I led readers astray last week with drifty descriptors. I am sorry.
It is with mild humility and great excitement that I announce I have joined Analogists Anonymous. No more sloppy, far reaching, unclear analogies for me. I'm gonna be like, like a really clear speaking person. Yeah, that’s it, like a person who speaks his thoughts straight and really clear. This is gonna be a piece of pie.

To sum: though I have a book trailer (again, a massive thanks to Jodi and Lisa at for choosing Syntropy as their first portfolio piece, see right-->), I do not have a book deal, nor even an agent. I am my own editor. I do have a goal of enlisting the help of a professional, and I am currently in the process of beating some freelance editor’s bushes (wait, that metaphor just went terribly wrong and began acting like a dirty little analogy). Which reminds me, I channeled George Carlin last week while trying to explain to my ten-year old how it is okay to use the word “prick” when describing the stab of a needle, but that... we humans bastardize word usage at an alarming rate, to the degree that we may soon run out of "safe" words, queer isn’t it?

And now for something completely different: It has been said, by those who know me well, that watching “Rango” the chameleon, is not unlike watching yours truly in a bad action flick. “No, Munk, really… it’s uncanny…”
I couldn’t be more proud.

Munk's opening line,
As I came spinning from the gun barrel, I knew the world would be forever changed.
Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk

This week’s music
Ferlin Husky—I’ll Be Here For A Lifetime. Best known for “Gone” and “Wings of a Dove”, Ferlin Husky was tremendously influential in the 1950’s Nashville sound. Ferlin died this week at 85.