Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scary Science

This week's blog contains one big pointer, an ice breaker, and an opening line.

Pointer--> I did a guest spot over at Tim Riley's digs... please mosey on over for a list of my favorite documentaries and add some of your own. The list is actually one of the more useful things I may have ever posted on a blog.

Ice Breaker-->
What is madness if not freedom? Gone are the days when people ask me questions expecting a logical response. Oh, but it doesn't keep them from asking. With their digital recorders sucking at my words and their digital fingers stabbing away at their digital keyboards... they ask and ask and ask, mouths flapping, tongues wagging. They ask.... Ronnie, what does the fire say when it speaks? Who's voice does it use? Are you alone when it talks? Ronnie, is it talking now?

This week's opening line:
There is good reason to fear science.
Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk

And, this week's music... Did someone say Ska?