Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lucky Animal Charms

Welcome again to the high maintenance Munk Davis blog. I'm a bit early on the draw this week, but for good reason. The Talented needs our votes.

I can feel your pain... "Munk! Again with the links? I've got a life, I don't have time to be chasing you around the blogiosociosphere clicking your damn links all day, all day, all day."
Buck up Buckbeak, this link holds all the moxie of the last and is a video to boot, one I reckon you've never seen. Too bad for you if you miss out.
Jodi Chamberlain, from here forward to be referred to as the "The Talented", can use our help. She, The Talented, submitted a bright and shiny movie trailer to a dark and scary movie production company and now you can help her get noticed. Cut to the quick: A film titled Animal Charm ran a "give-us-your-best-video-on-which-to-roll-our-credits" contest and The Talented entered. The link to her entry is below, rather than forward you to the You Tube link, please follow the link and vote (if you like). It appears to me that numerous of her competitors have submitted material not related to the movie, but have a lot of "digital" backing. Take a moment, you won't regret it. By the way, for you writers out there... did I mention that Jodi may begin making book trailers?

Jodi's Animal Charm Entry

Munk's opening line...
For Salazar laughing came easy. But not now Salazar, not now.
Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk

Today's music... the more times I listen, the better it gets... Manchester Orchestra, Simple Math.