Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Baby, What's your Genre?

What is your genre? What is your line?
Fiction and diction, coarse or divine?
Commercial for fun or classical prose?
The Code of Da Vinci or Name of the Rose?

Vampires you say! Why not call it romance?
Where zombies and werewolves all come to the dance
Dramedy, comedy, horror, and gore
Mystery, history, tales of yore

Yoga, Pilates, organics, and health
Follow my teachings and find instant wealth
Home repair? Don’t despair, fixed in a jiff
I’ll write you a book about making it stiff

Fantasy’s fun... but don’t write on a lark
You first must decide if it’s light or it’s dark
For lollipop-fairies might get quite a start
From leprechauns dining on unicorn heart

Pay homage to comics; no longer cartoons,
with mutants and heroes and high school buffoons
Now graphical novels sell fine-art with type...
Is the art any finer or is it just hype?

I once knew a bloke, who called sci-fi a joke
And said later Han Solo was his kind of folk
And what of the man who “pays thrillers no mind”
But thinks Lisbeth Salander is so very fine?

By now you must know my tastes are diverse
It’s less about subject and more about verse
I can cozy with spies or golems or ghouls
As long as the teller sticks to some rules

Character, plotting, and scenes are a must
As are pace and the voice of an author I trust
And though some may define me a maudlin mope
I just can’t do themes with no glimmer of hope

So write genres you love, and love what you write
Mix 'em and match 'em, let stories take flight
Throw three in a blender and give 'em a spin…
an epic-gay-western with magic thrown in?

Munk’s Opening line,
With the brim of his ten-gallon Stetson pulled low on his brow, Jake’s blue eyes glistened in the residual silver light—a mumbled incantation and the deed was done.
Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk 

And lest you consider what I write poetry...
This week’s music: Joe old soul in a new vessel... Hymn 101


maine character said...

Lollipop-fairies couldn't have done better.

L.G.Smith said...

To comment in rhyme, I feel that I must
But your poem has left me eating your dust.

Yeah, I'll stick to writing spec fiction. :)

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

What LG said. Although I must say your epic-gay-magical-western would totally find a publisher. :)

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

What are we supposed to do with the line? I tried using it on some strangers and they looked at me like I was crazy... their loss!

Angela Brown said...

Shall we have Brokeback Mountain meets Lord of the Rings?

Or mayhaps a Willy Wonka meets No Chocolate or Licorice for Old Men? imagination thus wonders...

dbs said...

Genre mash-ups are just plain necessary. Thanks for reminding us all.

Theresa Milstein said...

An epic gay western with magic thrown in? I think I may have come across something similar in a book review. I'm not kidding.

Suze said...

'For lollipop-fairies might get quite a start
From leprechauns dining on unicorn heart'

Chuckled, here and at the last line.

I loved this, Munk.

Munk said...

@MC-Tasty. PS... thanks for the offline edit.
@LG-Don't stop now... you were in the zone.
@SRM-Which line were you using, and what were you using it for?
@AB-No Chocolate for Old Men... love that.
@dbs-But on which shelf should it sit? (beside's mine)
@TM-That doesn't surprise me. I'm not kidding.
@S-"Chuckle" is a great word.

Tim Riley said...

Read this the other day, and just came back for another look before work. Great stuff Munk, puts a smile on my face.

Tim Riley said...

And by other day, I mean yesterday-last night even. Wow. My concept of time is slightly out of whack.

Dawnelle said...

I like. I like that Joe Pug. I like it all...good fun read.

Michael Offutt said...

Oh Munk, you are such a clever man. Thank you for the witty poem and the opening line. I do love me some 10-gallon hats.

The Desert Rocks said...

I love the poem!!! I try being as diverse as possible--but trying to focus on my manuscript which is romantic women's fiction with a little bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure, makes me go haywire. It also makes me run back to something I feel more comfortable with--poetry.

Munk said...

@TR-pull yourself together man!
@MO-How 'bout them boots too?
@TDR-Poetry and noveling are kindreds.

Anonymous said...

Guess what, Munk. I found an OK button. I did not know they existed but....they do. Who Knew? Yes, I know that rhymes, for I'm eclectic, too. Whoa... Anyway-I'm reading, The Cypress House right now by Michael Koryta and it is good. That guy, Arlen, he's kind of like you, Munk. Dark and mysterious. ummmm. BOO!

Lydia Kang said...

I love the mix of commentary and questions in verse.

Also--I figured that under the "maudlin mope" mask you wear was an optimism seeker at heart. You old softie, you.

Munk said...

@TCC-Your commentary is stranger than me. Please keep commenting.
@LK-Did you just call me "old"?

Anonymous said...

Always love your poems. Nothing so extravagant. I write women's fiction. A little commercial and a dash of literary.

Jayne said...

In awe of your poetics. Is there a genre for elves? Perhaps they belong in the same category as unicorns. Which is totally non-fiction, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Munk. I know. Strange commentary seems to be my particular gift. If only I could think of a way to monetize it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Munk. I just finally listened to that video you posted. I'm in awe. I love it. I'm going now to post it on my facebook page. To test the timber of my klout. Thanks Munk.