Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Munk Nothings

On the heels of last week’s post about nothing, I’ve stepped it up and found something to write about. And it really is something... It makes the world go around, it lifts you up and it knocks you down. It can have you floating on air, or crushed by despair. You can feel it in your fingers; you can feel it in your toes. Yep… it’s LOVE.
Love is my something this week.
I did a quick search and found numerous sites about love, each with its own categorical definitions. One was content with just two categories: passion and compassion, another described three: Eros, Philos, and Agape, some defined as many as four or five or even six. But regardless of the number, all were firm with the limits of their categories. “That’s it, love defined,” they seem to say.
I see love and all of its variants as infinitely adaptable and therefore indefinable. Trying to define love is like trying to define literary genre, each variant squirms and strains against the trappings of classification.

Don’t believe me? Grab a few opinionated friends and try to classify this list without a debate.
In no particular order…
There’s puppy love and Courtney Love, unbidden and forbidden,
There’s sensual, consensual, unbridled, and once bitten,
There is fading love so bittersweet it tastes of melancholy,
And the crazy, stupid, crushing love that only leads to folly,
The obsessive and possessive loves, of tainted jealousy,
And the unrequited stinging love of ‘never meant to be’,
There’s timeless, endless, boundless love, and trysts that lead to scandal,
Cool, gentle, tender love, and love too hot to handle,
Ethereal, untellable, agape love divine,
The carefree-careless, summer love that ends before its time,
There’s gay love, straight love, and a mother’s love unguarded,
There’s funny love, a comic’s love, and that wasn’t me who farted,
Rivaling-reveling-sibling love ‘tween sister and a brother,
And the super freaky sort of love you don’t take home to mother,
But of passion or compassion or of tender loving care,
The best of love that I have found is that which I have shared.

Munk’s opening line.
On vacation by a lake, Munk had a second glass of wine and wrote a poem. No one had the good sense to stop him or help him with punctuation.
Munk’s opening line is yours to keep, use it.

This week’s music… Love is All Around, The Troggs--1967 
A very cool band with a very cool and early promo video.

I will have limited connectivity this week... my replies will be even more sporadic than usual.


Marsha Sigman said...

You are a freaking genius. Sign me up and pass the koolaid, I'm now one of your biggest fans.

LOVE your poem.

L.G.Smith said...

Hey, don't bogart all the koolaid, Marsha!

LOVE this. You should drink more wine. :)


K.C. Woolf said...

Then there's loving the idea of love more than love itself;
Radiant, epic, distant love no living soul could quell.

(Love your opening line!)

dbs said...

Chips & dip love too.

Lydia K said...

More wine, and more poems please.

Munk said...

@LG--drink up
@KCW--very nice
@dbs--and donuts and coffee
@LK--would be fun...

Anonymous said...

That. Is. Cool.

Very nicely done, Sir Munk!

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to mention something. Anyone who used to drive a Nova deserves an award. Got one waiting for you over at my place when you get a chance.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Love all the love types. The video really too me back.

Michael Offutt said...

You totally could have made a sculpture from those words instead of centering them. With love on the line, it could have been made to resembled a pair of bewbs from across the room. Such fail. You may flog yourself three times. (.Y.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you got an award from Bryce! Nicely done.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Awesome list!! LOVE it!

Munk said...

@BD-thanks man.
@DKW-the Troggs are cool enough.
@MO-I can't stop staring at your emoticon.
@RK-Thank you and thank you.
@PE-Love the initials, my favorite subject in high school.

Tim Riley said...

Very cool Munk. From nothing to something in a week-Love it.

Jayne said...

Ah, nothing like a vacation by the lake with glasses and glasses (or even just a glass) of wine for lovely inspiration.

Oh Munk, I'm swooning. Brilliant.

Libby said...

Loved the poem, and that you included Courtney Love.

The Desert Rocks said...

I only discovered The Troggs after the movie "Love Actually" came out and if you haven't seen it--I think you will love it! It's one of my favorites. I also love The Trogg's version much better than the one in the movie.