Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Far Over The Top Do You Camp?

Question: How far over the top can one movie go?
Answer: Rent “Bubba Ho Tep” and find out.

Elvis is alive. He’s living out his last days in an East Texas care home. He is sick and the movie is too, way sick. Hide from the movie if you get queasy when people use the terms pustule and genitalia in the same sentence (like I just did, but worse).
The thing is, many years ago, Elvis (played by Bruce Campbell) switched places with an Elvis impersonator and missed his chance to switch back because he accidentally barbecued the contract. The real Elvis now shares a room with John F. Kennedy (played by Ossie Davis… yes that Ossie Davis) and together they must defend their care home from an Egyptian mummy, who is having a dandy-old time sucking the resident’s souls from their, well, from you know… back there.
All that, and yet I still recommend the movie, just leave the logical part of your brain on the shelf when you screen it.

I know, I know, if you are anything like me you are probably asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that? How could I have let that little gem of a plot slip through my hands?” Well, you did. Get over it. The question is, what are you gonna do now? I’m personally working up something with Jerry Lee Lewis and a Kraken, the working title: “Great Balls of the Leviathan”.

Munk’s opening line:
Eye’s like dinner plates, tentacles like sewer lines… goodness, gracious, the great balls of the leviathan.
Munk’s opening line is yours to keep, use it. Note: this week’s opener is so filled with wonk, that if someone actually uses it, they must share.

On a more deferential note, Mr. Peter Falk died this week. During his acting career he helped tell many a beautiful story. Remember him reading “The Princess Bride” in “The Princess Bride” to a very young Fred Savage? In another of my favorite films, “Wings of Desire” by Wim Wenders he portrayed an aging film star. The film contained one of my all-time favorite quotes: "But no one has so far succeeded in singing an epic of peace. What is wrong with peace, that its inspiration doesn't endure and that it is almost untellable?”

Okay, enough serious, here he is Jerry Lee, the prince of over the top with Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On, It’s worth watching if only for his hair acrobatics at around 0:36 seconds… wow.


L.G.Smith said...

I often attack the laptop in much the same way JLL does. Hair flying, fingers tapping, feet barely touching the floor. I find I come up with my best plots that way.

Love that quote at the end there about epic peace not finding any traction in the world.

Munk said...

@LG-I love the image of you smashing away.

Tim Riley said...

Uh-oh Munk, Bubba Ho Tep sounds like a classic so-bad-it's-great kind of movie. Yes? No?

As for Peter Falk, I'll always remember him for Princess Bride. I love the last scene, where he's sort of mumbling to himself, and then his grandson asks him to come back tomorrow. "As you wish." Perfect.

dbs said...

I appreciate leaving the logical part of my brain on the shelf. It's just the remembering to put it back part....

Michael Offutt said...

You sir are hilarious. I think Bubba Ho-Tep would be funnier if I got to watch it with you with the commentary. I imagine it similar to MST3K.

Hair acrobatics were pretty good in that video. Thanks for the link.

Libby said...

I saw this movie when it first came out. I loved it. I want to say there's a sequel on the way, but I don't know if I'm making that up or if I really heard it somewhere.

Lydia K said...

I was sad to hear about Peter Falk dying. I'll never forget him in the Princess Bride. He was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hold on. Give me a second. I WANT to comment, but can't stop laughing long enough to do so.

EXCELLENT, sir. A pure joy to read. Consider me a new follower.

Jayne said...

Yahoo, just what I needed to shake me out of morning sleep. This was like having that third cup of coffee (which can be quite dangerous). I'm going to be motoring all day.
How can I not see that movie now? ;)

Mickey Burdick said...

MUNK! I've actually seen that movie, and you have it just right. I couldn't tell if it was frightening, brilliant, or the lamest thing I'd ever seen. I need a Venn diagram, because I think somewhere in the middle, where those three meet, you'll find Bubba ho tep.