Saturday, January 29, 2011

Frosted Godflakes

I have little desire for discussion today
so ask me no questions, but don't go away
my life and my nest are in such disarray
please silence your words, but for heaven's sake, stay

Munk's opening line,
Lauren licked her again. The other's were right, girls did taste like cinnamon. 
The opening line is yours to keep, use it. 
This week's musical interlude...
The Louvin Brothers -- The Great Atomic Power
Form your own opinion on the lyrics, but those chorus harmonies are like frosted godflakes. Are you ready?

May Charlie Louvin RIP


Lydia K said...

I love that opening line. I'd love to see someone use it.

JF said...

RIP for sure. Thought of Emmy Lou's cover of "IF I could only win your love." Terry Gross's Fresh Air re-aired interview with Luvin from...the 90s maybe? you might enjoy.