Sunday, November 14, 2010

Social Medionics and Viral Qualifiers

So, okay, a little rant about social media.

I’ll admit I’m a noob, but STFU. I think social media enables soft language which in turn fosters weak opinions. Have any other bloggers, facebookers, or tweeters noticed the overabundance of qualifiers (grin). IMHO, written opinions should be delivered with little humility. I meanmean what you say and say what you mean (just saying). 
If you're wit me, give a WOOT, whatever that is. Or maybe scream “RAWK!” Isn’t this new spelling sensation ka-RAY-zee as well!? Luv it (Squee!). Further, I find it annoying to have to be alerted when someone is attempting humor (LOL!). If it ain't funny, don't type it (LMAO!). 

Okay, so really, I mean like, totally no offense peeps *hugs*.  Sarcasm aside, I think we can do better (ROTFL). If anyone reads this, plz let me know, k?, c u.

Munk's opening line...
I went out to find myself yesterday and wound up buying a waffle iron (WTF?).

Munk's "Opening Line" is yours to keep, use it. Munk


Roland D. Yeomans said...

The temptation to reply in kind was great. But your post was so artistic in its sarcasm I was too daunted to try.

Great post. And yes, it does seem as if we are afraid to just use the words ... as if we were breaking in our sentiments for a friend.

Have a great week, Roland

Lydia Kang said...

It's strange. When face to face, (ahem, I mean, true identity to identity) people go out of the way to be polite, use qualifiers, etc. But then I find the brutal, hate-filled remarks in anonymous posts, say after a politically charged Yahoo news article, so frightening.

It's fluff or fists, depending on where you look (IMHO).
Excellent post, Munk. You made me think on a lazy Sunday night.

The Mom said...

Great post ::wink:wink::

Munk Davis said...

Thanks, LK. Fluff or fists, you hit it spot on.

Nance said...

K, HTA (had to admit) I googled STFU. I know FU pretty well but the ST had me stumped. Enjoyed reading this & am subscribing as I need more levity in my hermit-like existence. Thx;)

Mickey Burdick said...

GPIFIVOP! (good post, I found it very on point.)

I think that with the rise of email/social media/etc as one of the most common forms of communication any more, the art of equivocation has been lost. So people struggle to make up for the loss of nuance. Sarcasm, for example, is impossible to pull off in an email, and so that's where I think people start throwing in the LOLs and whatnot, to let people know that there is no harm intended. Granted, it's annoying as hell, and most of the time it's used mainly out of pure laziness, but I can see where some of it stems from (note, I qualified that last sentence in 3 places. Oops. Mistakes were made. Oops, just went passive voice again.)

I think Lydia has it right - it's a very thin line to walk when you take away that face-to-face aspect of communication.